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  • Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform
  • Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform
  • Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform
  • Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform
  • Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform
  • Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform

Protec Podium Low-Level Fibreglass Platform

  • 9.5m, 12.5m, 15m Max. Working Heights
  • Three Model Sizes Available
  • Robust Fibreglass Construction
  • Anti-Slip Feet & Surfaces
  • Compact & Portable Tower
  • Vibrant & Highly Visible

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3 Different Sizes Available: The Protec Podium is available in 3 platform heights: 950mm, 1250mm and 1500mm, so you can select the perfect level for your elevation needs.

Highly Mobile: Featuring in-line castors, you can easily move the platform from one location to another without hard effort or hassle offering a highly versatile low-level access solution.

High-Quality Fibreglass Construction: The fiberglass material is non-conductive up to 100 kilovolts per foot, ensuring safety, reliability and versatility in the toughest work environments.

Ultimate Stability: Lock-in castors and anti-slip feet ensure the podium stays in place, whilst the non-slip surfaces and locking gate make sure you are secured on the platform.

Extra Resistant: The shock, chemical and weather resistant fiberglass construction ensures the platform remains in perfect condition regardless of age or environment.

Versatile Applications: Thanks to the anti-slip feet and locking castors, the access platform can be used for a variety of both indoor and outdoor tasks with unparalleled safety and convenience.

Vibrant & Visible Design: The vivid colour of the podium makes it stand out in bustling work environments, alerting all workers to step carefully around it.


Planet Platform Protec Podium Tower

Safe, secure & straightforward solution for accessing low-levels

Elevate your work experience with this high-quality platform for low-level tasks. Whether you are working in construction, maintenance, warehousing, or event management, the Protec Podium provides a safe, versatile and convenient solution for all your low-level elevation needs.

Superior safety

Constructed from top-grade fiberglass, the Protec Podium is built to endure. Offering unparalleled safety, durability and versatility, it withstands the toughest work environments, making it a smart access solution in any workplace.

Enhanced security features

The fiberglass material is non-conductive, spark and weather-resistant, offering extra protection around electrical hazards. The advanced design features non-slip deck and treads, a locking gate and anti-slip feet, providing maximum security and stability while you work.

High visibility

The vibrant colour design of the Protec Podium not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances visibility on busy worksites, alerting others to its presence to prevent trips and falls, ensuring a safer work environment for all.

Versatile applications

The Protec Podium provides a stable and secure platform for a variety of tasks in a range of busy work environments. It is ideal for interior painting, building maintenance, electrical work, or for something as simple as providing an extra boost so workers can reach higher shelves for stocking and retrieving items.

Effortless mobility

Equipped with in-line castors, the platform offers effortless mobility. Simply move the platform from one location to another with ease, then lock the castors in place to ensure a stable working surface. This is especially convenient for dynamic worksites where flexibility is key.

Ergonomic design

The Protec Podium is simple to set up, use and transport. Designed with user comfort in mind, the platform provides ample space to move around, promoting better posture and reduced strain to enhance overall productivity. The platform is also easy to clean and maintain, its smooth surface and robust materials guarantee longevity for years to come.

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Platform height  950mm  1250mm   1500mm 
 Working height (mm)
 2950  3250  3500
 Overall height (mm)  2000  2300  2550
Working platform (mm)  607 x 625  607 x 625  607 x 625
 Deployed footprint (mm)  1405 x 745  1600 x 1150  1700 x 1150 
Stowed dimensions (mm)  2000 x 745 x 365   2250 x 745 x 485  2550 x 745 x 485 
Safe working load (kg)   150   150   150 
 Weight (kg)  44   50   52 


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