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  • Elite EXL53P32A 32 Amp 415 Volt Extension Lead 5m

Elite EXL53P32A 32 Amp 415 Volt Extension Lead 5m

  • 5m extension from 415V power source
  • 32A 3-phase plug for high-power connections
  • 4.0mm 5-core cable transmits without drops
  • Durable jacket resists moisture and abrasion
  • Connect high-draw 3-phase machinery
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5-Metre Cable Reach: The 5-metre cable length enables convenient positioning of machinery and tools needing 415V 3-phase power up to 5 meters from the outlet.

32A 3-Phase Plug & Socket: This extra heavy-duty 32 amp-rated 3-phase plug and socket securely connect high-draw industrial equipment.

4.0mm 5-Core Cabling: The thick 4.0mm diameter 5-core pure copper cable steadily transmits 415 volts across the entire 5-metre distance without any voltage drops. 

Durable Red & Black PVC: The rugged red and black PVC jacket withstands damage from abrasion, oils, and moisture during daily use on demanding worksites.

Portable and Manoeuvrable: Compact and lightweight, allowing easy carrying and manoeuvring around congested worksites.

For Large 3-Phase Loads: Safely and reliably powers high-amperage 3-phase machinery like large plasma cutters and industrial pumps.


Operate Equipment Anywhere

Safely operate high-power 415V 3-phase equipment anywhere on-site with the Elite 5 Metre 32 Amp 415 Volt 3 Phase Extension Lead.

The 5-metre compact cable length enables flexible positioning of plasma cutters, motors or other 3-phase gear up to 5 meters away from the power source. It's fitted with a heavy-duty 32A 3-phase plug and socket to handle robust connections.

You can utilise this lead to run large welder units, pumps, machinery, or any equipment requiring a steady 415V 3-phase electricity supply.

The durable 4.0mm diameter 5-core H07RN-F pure copper cabling provides reliable 415-volt power transmission across the full 5 meters without any voltage drops or loss. The thick, industrial-grade cable configuration smoothly delivers high amp loads.

With bright red sockets and a black lead, it is always visible for safety. The tough PVC jacket protects against abrasion from debris and resists damage from oils on rough worksites.

Maximum Flexibility

Whether you need to operate high-draw welders, large motors or other 3-phase gear, this Elite lead enables maximum flexibility. An optimal portable solution for construction crews and industrial teams to safely run 415V 3-phase machinery anywhere required on-site.

Get in touch with us to select the ideal 3-phase lead length and amperage rating to power equipment for your unique needs. The Elite 415V 32A 5m 3-Phase Extension Lead is purpose-built for total versatility in routing robust 415V 3-phase electricity.

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