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  • Elite EXL1432A240 14m 32 Amp 240 Volt Extension Lead

Elite EXL1432A240 14m 32 Amp 240 Volt Extension Lead

  • 32 Amp 240 Volt Capacity 
  • 14 Metre Cable Length
  • 2.5mm Triple-Core H05VV-F Cable
  • Rugged PVC Jacketing
  • Heavy Duty 240 Volt Coupler & Plug
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32 Amp 240 Volt Capacity: Substantial 32-amp power capacity to safely operate high wattage 240V equipment like welders, air compressors and pressure washers requiring up to 7360 watts.

14 Metre Extended Cable Reach: Extra-long 14-metre cable length provides expansive scope to position 240V machinery and tools far away from the electrical outlet.

2.5mm Triple-Core H05VV-F Articulated Cabling: Premium commercial grade flexible wiring maintains a steady 240-volt flow across the entire 14 meters without voltage drops or power loss.

Rugged PVC Jacketing: Durable insulation withstands scrapes, abrasions, UV damage and exposure to corrosive shop fluids during rigorous daily use.

Heavy Duty 240 Volt Coupler & Plug: Certified watertight industrial terminals ensure ultra-tight, vibration and corrosion resistant connections under 32-amp loads.

Suitable for Internal and External Applications: Reinforced jacket enables safe use both indoors and outdoors for maximum job site flexibility.


Robust Extension Lead

Power high wattage equipment up to 14 metres away with this robust Elite 32-amp 14-metre extension lead. The durable dark blue cable provides ample reach to situate welders, air compressors, motors and other 240V appliances requiring up to 32 amps distant from the power source.

Engineered for resilience, the lead features a rugged PVC jacket that withstands scrapes, abrasions, UV damage and contact with oils and grease during commercial use. The vibrant dark blue colour enables quick identification of the high capacity 240V line.

Secure Connections

Equipped with heavy duty 32-amp 240V terminals to establish secure connections to 240V machinery and tools drawing up to 7360 watts. The industrial-grade coupler maintains a vice-like grip under vibration for reliable performance.

The flexible 2.5mm triple-core H05VV-F articulated cabling effortlessly manoeuvres around obstacles to access equipment while maintaining steady 240-volt supply across 14 metres without voltage drops.

Rely on this lead to power welders, air compressors, pressure washers and other high wattage 240V equipment from a distance. It's the ideal 240V extension for industrial applications requiring up to 32 amps supplied 14 metres away.

Engineered to commercial standards, this heavy-duty lead is constructed to endure the harshest conditions. The preferred 32-amp 240V extension solution for trade, construction, maintenance, and manufacturing needing maximum power safely extended.

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Voltage : 240 Volt
Plug : 32 Amp
Socket : 32 Amp
Power Cable Length : 14 Metres
Power Cable Diametre : 2.5mm
Number Of Cores : 3 Core
Cable Type : H05VVF
IP Rating : IP44
Weight : 2.75kg

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