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  • BoSS PA-lift 3.4m Push Around Scissor Lift
  • BoSS PA-lift 3.4m Push Around Scissor Lift
  • BoSS PA-lift 3.4m Push Around Scissor Lift
  • BoSS PA-lift 3.4m Push Around Scissor Lift

BoSS PA-lift 3.4m Push Around Scissor Lift

  • 5.4m Max Working Height
  • 250kg Safe Working Load
  • 23/21 Second Ascent/Descent Time
  • Compact Footstep
  • Smart Connectivity
  • State-of-the-art Control Technology
3 Year Warranty

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Heavy-duty Platform Controller: Featuring raise and lower toggle switch, emergency stop, 5V USB charging port, safety and usage instructions mounted on the guardrail and a self-closing gate with latch and transit gate lock.

State-of-the-art Control Unit: Features enable function, raise and lower buttons plus an integrated tilt and overload sensor with warning lights and alarms on ascent/descent.

Smart Connectivity: Allows you to send machine diagnostics via smartphone to diagnose faults quickly and reduce machine downtime.

Built-in Impact Protection & Obstruction Detection: While the built-in impact protection guards against damage to internal finishes, the overhead proximity sensor aids the operator by detecting overhead obstructions.

Automated Braking Functions: Including foot operated click-on brakes on swivel castors and automatic braking on fixed castors for safety and convenience.

Slip-resistant Deck: Incorporating 6kN (0.67tonf) rated harness restraint lanyard anchorage.

Integrated Toolbox with Tray: Mounted on the guardrail, a toolbox with tray houses guardrail tools and charging cables

Dual Function Battery: With dual function battery charge level and a charging indicator on the chassis, plus low battery protection.

Forklift Pockets & Winching Eye: For lifting, hoisting, and strapping during transport.



Quick & quiet access solution for all indoor & outdoor applications

The BoSS PA-lift push around scissor lift provides an access solution for a multitude of tasks across many sectors, including building and construction, particularly fit and strip-out, painting and decorating, shop fitting, facilities management, cleaning and general maintenance. Featuring both electric and hydraulic mechanisms and impressing with a 23 second ascent / 21 second descent time, this pedestrian scissor lift is quick, quiet and safe. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications, including factories, hospitals, airports, construction sites and more. 

State-of-the-art control technology

This push around pedestrian scissor lift features an advanced control unit with a built-in tilt sensor and smartphone integration, allowing you to diagnose faults quickly to reduce machine downtime. The machine features an overhead proximity sensor for head protection and built-in impact protection to guard against damage to internal finishes.

Safely & swiftly manoeuvre the lift around work zones

The BoSS PA-lift is compact and fits through standard doorways and passenger lifts, with a maximum platform height of 3.4-metres offering a maximum working height of 5.4-metres. Featuring heavy-duty fixed castors with automatic braking, non-marking tyres, and swivel castors with foot operated click-on brakes, you can manoeuvre the lift around work zones easily.

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Rated load (rated capacity): 250kg
equivalent to: 1 person (80kg) & 170kg tools/materials
Maximum allowable manual force: 200N
Maximum allowable chassis inclination: 2˚ Longitudinal/1.3˚ Lateral
Maximum allowable wind speed: 0m/s
Machine weight: 375kg
Point loading (with safe working load): 0.26kN/cm2
Maximum safe working height: 5.4m
Maximum platform height: 3.4m
Minimum platform height: 0.66m
Platform length: 1.28m
Platform width: 0.63m
Overall width: 0.76m
Stowed length: 1.433m
Stowed height: 1.76m
Ground clearance: 50mm
Voltage: 12V DC
Power pack motor: 1.2kW DC
Battery: 12V/100Ah
Battery charger: Universal 100-240V 50-60Hz AC 15A
Maximum hydraulic pressure: 135 bar
Working pressure: 80 bar
Hydraulic fluid reservoir: 2.35 litres
Ascent time: 23 seconds
Descent time (including 3 second stop for armguard): 21 seconds


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